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Flower Care


Arrangements in Water

Light: Place your arrangement near a sunny window, being sure to keep it away from direct light or extremes in heat or cold.

Water: Room temperature water changed every one to two days will help your arrangement stay bright and vibrant for as long as possible.

Care: Once bringing your arrangement home, give the stems a fresh cut using a sharp knife or spring-loaded shears. Scissors can crush and damage the stem. Give a fresh cut every one to two days directly before each water change.

Arrangement in Floral Foam

Light: Filtered light is best to keep your arrangement fresh as long as possible.

Water: Before leaving the shop, each section of floral foam is soaked in nutrient rich water. Because the foam can dry, be sure to water daily using room temperature water.

Care: Moderate light and plenty of water should keep your arrangement fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. To extend life, move the arrangement to a cool, dark place over night, such as a refrigerator or under your kitchen sink.

Hand Tied Bouquet

Light: Sunny, indirect light is best for fresh cut flowers.

Water: Hand tied bouquets have stems that are either individually water tubed or wrapped in a nutrient rich foam soaked in water. Either treatment will keep your bouquet fresh and healthy for 3-5 hours, though transferring to fresh water as soon as possible is recommend. Once returning home, give each stem a fresh cut on an angle and place in room temperature water.

Care: Give your flowers a fresh cut and water change every day or two to maintain your flowers as long as possible.

Floral Wreath

Light: Keep your wreath out of direct sunlight, and store inside a plastic bag in a cool, dark place if it is necessary to store a day before displaying.

Water: A light misting of water should keep your wreath fresh and healthy.

Care: Fresh floral wreaths are best displayed the day of delivery or pick up. A floral wreath may maintain its vibrancy for two to three days if misted with water daily, and stored inside a garbage bag to maintain moisture in a cool place overnight.